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Our Mission

As Tibetan refugees we see it as our public commitment to keep our environment clean and tidy. We want to preserve the beauty of nature and minimise waste emergence, wherever we are living.

In that sense it is our mission to: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!


We constantly search for ways to minimise our litter and therefore our ecological footprint.

Trough our events and projects, like mass clean-ups and plantation events we actively contribute to preserve our environment and maintain it clean.

Our Green Workers also collect waste from Tibetan households from door to door all over McLeod Ganj. The collected waste is then split up into recyclable and non-recyclable waste in our Segregation Centre. In our Paper Recycle Factory we recycle the collected paper waste and our artists create beautiful handcrafted products out of it. All other waste we sell to recycle agencies who take care of the garbage being recycled properly.


Support us and our mission by purchasing recycled products from our Green Shop.

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