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All our products are handmade & eco-friendly

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Every single product is from start to finish handmade by Tibetan refugees inside India.

The raw paper which the products are made of, is recycled from paper waste collected in McLeod Ganj in our own paper recycle factory. Sometimes we add natural colour or unique designs to spice up the look. Our products are perfect as a eco-friendly packing or as a gift.


If you have any questions regarding the products, payment method, shipping or anything else, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to respond and answer your requests as quickly as possible.

Please note that each item is handmade and the product images show only one piece. Therefore, your purchased product is unique and may differ in some small details, but this does not affect the quality.


If you are planning to purchase products, we ask you to contact us via the contact form or e-mail (

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All the revenue generated from your purchase will be invested in environmental undertakings in Dharamshala, India, as well as in the expansion of the Green Shop and the Paper Recycle Factory.

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